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Toggle is Back!

Picked up Toggle today from Lynn at the embroidery place in Fremont, MI.  She did a LOVELY job, putting this quote on the quilt top!    Now I need to piece the backing and get it to my long-arm quilter, Vicki (she’s the BEST!).

On another – related – topic…have you picked up your copy of Quilty Magazine yet?  The Winter 2012 issue has some tips about preparing your quilt for your long-arm quilter.  I did not know all of the tips, so thought I would encourage you to get a copy.  Coming soon – subscriptions to Quilty!  YAY!

Quote by BJ Palmer


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Amanda’s Choice

My granddaughter-in-law, Amanda, is having her second son in just a few weeks.  I finished baby boy quilt #5 today (whew) and now she has to choose between these two quilts:

Will it be the fleece backed quilt on the left, or Bungle Jungle on the right?

The one on the left is a frayed edges quilt – unnamed – that is very cuddly.  I love, love, love Bungle Jungle (Moda’s fabric line name) and especially the binding, which I think really sets it off.

Either would be wonderful for Dempsey.  However, I did not label either quilt – so I have to somehow fix that little “oops”!

I am done – for now – with baby quilts.  Next on my list are Christmas presents and maybe even a wall hanging for us of a Christmas tree.  I have enough scraps to do it, and bought the fat quarter of white today on sale for $1.95.  No, I did not have any white in my stash – notice Bungle Jungle is done in grey???

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Library Quilts

A while back (this summer) I found a great web site with a pattern for a wall hanging of books on a shelf.    I can’t find the site right now, but I’ll try to find it and post it later.  Here is my version:

For my BFF Mel

It was so fun to do!  Mel works at a county library, so of course I thought of her when I saw the pattern.  It was just the thing to do between baby boy quilts, which were getting a bit repetitious.  It went together in a day.  The “titles” are selvage edges.

My son lives in the same town as Mel, so I gave him the quilt to give to her since I just could not figure out how to get it to her myself (that is a huge long story, so be glad this is all I’m telling you).  He finally got it to her after about a month – and she loved it!  I am so glad…the backing is Minky, and I suggested she take it down from the wall when she is stressed and just stroke the back.  It is sure to restore a good mood!

I have pieces to do another one for our church librarian, who is thinking about retiring.  She’s in her 80’s, I think.  But, before that, I have a few more things to do!

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Holiday Craft Bash

I was fortunate to meet and talk with Debbie Grifka of Esch House Quilts at the West Michigan Quilt Guild’s “Quilts on the Grand” show this fall.   I bought her Evergreen bias quilt pattern, a very cool Christmas tree using bias tape to form the tree shape.  I happened to find some great background fabric in my “stash” (I don’t even remember WHY I bought that fabric, it was years before I was quilting!) that will work fine.  And I have enough that I may just do more than one of these, depending on how easy and quick it is to make!

Of course, I have to finish Bungle Jungle first.  I did get it quilted today, just X’s all over with grey thread.  I’m a bit undecided on how to do the border.  I don’t do free-motion (yet).  I would love to use my double (twin) needles and put blue and orange around it (it’s a grey solid border).  Not sure yet, so it’s waiting.

Esch House Quilts and 4 other blogs are having a “Holiday Craft Bash” for the next 6 weeks.  This is your invitation to pop in on their blogs and see what is happening!  Lots of cool crafts to create for Christmas!  Click on the picture below (if I managed to link it correctly) or go to:   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



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Tia 2 – Jesus 1

A dear lady lost her battle with cancer (score of 2 on come-backs) but has gained eternal life in Heaven with Jesus.  Not a bad loss at all, I would say.

Tia and I got to know one another following my two breast cancers and subsequent involvement with Relay for Life in Muskegon, MI.

She was the ultimate cheerleader for everyone involved in Relay.  Her participation was a way to honor her mother, who had died of cancer a few years before I met Tia.  No matter who you were, what you were dealing with, where you wanted to go, Tia was the uplifter in the crowd, the one with the ever-present cheery smile that was part of her whole face, eyes and all.

As Tia’s bout with cancer progressed, she would post on a Caring Bridges page how the battle was going.  The most remarkable part of that was her good-finding in every post she entered.  Tia didn’t just talk about loving Jesus, she truly DID love Jesus and lived her life as a tribute to Him.  I know I was encouraged by her posts.  I suspect many others were, too.

I like to think there was at least one person reading her journal entries who had not yet come to know their Lord and Savior, but because of Tia, they now have the same promise of an everlasting life with Him.

Tia will be very much missed in her faith community, her work community – she served kids as a teacher – and in the Muskegon community at large.  Jesus won a great one today!

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Bungle Jungle

I’m working on my last baby quilt – for a bit – as our last great-grandson is due to be born November 6.   We’ve been so blessed to have Camden, Carter, Keegan, TJ, Gabriel, and soon-to-be Dempsey as great-grandsons!

Gabriel was 6 weeks early, 4# something, but is now home and thriving.  Both Gabriel and Dempsey (and Dempsey’s brother, Camden) are long-distance greats, one on the other side of Michigan, the others in Maryland.  I don’t get to see any of the kids often enough, that is for sure.

This fall we also welcomed into our “family” a very close friend’s new baby boy, Colton.

Did you notice, no GIRLS?  I wonder how my having the only boys in our family plays into this – although all of the grands and great-grands are from my husband’s side (2nd marriage).  I’ve been really comfortable with boys around, so maybe this is just the plan from God.  We have one granddaughter, and I treasure Lexi!   I did a very pretty baby girl blanket, “Romantic”, which is sitting in the spare room, gathering dust.

I think after I get Bungle Jungle done, I had best concentrate on Christmas gifts.  I’ve had several mug rugs in the making for months, but put them aside for these precious babies.  Time to get moving!  Christmas is coming!

One piece of Bungle Jungle for the back of the quilt

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Quilts on the Grand

Mini Quilt

Seeing some of those quilts just got me thinking of possibilities, and now I have an idea for a small (mini-quilt wall hanging?) quilt I would like to do that I’m calling “Sunshine” for now, and a LOT of other quilts I would love to try! The vendors were all wonderful, and I didn’t realize there were classes going on all three days! The Guild really set this up nicely, and I highly recommend it to everyone. It looks like they do this every-other year, so you may have to wait until 2014, but put a note on your calendar to remember it!

Pictures below.   Check it out!

Fall wall hanging

Quilted by Vicki Breuker, same person I use to do long-arm quilting. She’s located in Fremont, MI and is FABULOUS!


Hysterical! Each square has the date the quilter’s son got the steer to raise.