Bungle Jungle

I’m working on my last baby quilt – for a bit – as our last great-grandson is due to be born November 6.   We’ve been so blessed to have Camden, Carter, Keegan, TJ, Gabriel, and soon-to-be Dempsey as great-grandsons!

Gabriel was 6 weeks early, 4# something, but is now home and thriving.  Both Gabriel and Dempsey (and Dempsey’s brother, Camden) are long-distance greats, one on the other side of Michigan, the others in Maryland.  I don’t get to see any of the kids often enough, that is for sure.

This fall we also welcomed into our “family” a very close friend’s new baby boy, Colton.

Did you notice, no GIRLS?  I wonder how my having the only boys in our family plays into this – although all of the grands and great-grands are from my husband’s side (2nd marriage).  I’ve been really comfortable with boys around, so maybe this is just the plan from God.  We have one granddaughter, and I treasure Lexi!   I did a very pretty baby girl blanket, “Romantic”, which is sitting in the spare room, gathering dust.

I think after I get Bungle Jungle done, I had best concentrate on Christmas gifts.  I’ve had several mug rugs in the making for months, but put them aside for these precious babies.  Time to get moving!  Christmas is coming!

One piece of Bungle Jungle for the back of the quilt


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