Tia 2 – Jesus 1

A dear lady lost her battle with cancer (score of 2 on come-backs) but has gained eternal life in Heaven with Jesus.  Not a bad loss at all, I would say.

Tia and I got to know one another following my two breast cancers and subsequent involvement with Relay for Life in Muskegon, MI.

She was the ultimate cheerleader for everyone involved in Relay.  Her participation was a way to honor her mother, who had died of cancer a few years before I met Tia.  No matter who you were, what you were dealing with, where you wanted to go, Tia was the uplifter in the crowd, the one with the ever-present cheery smile that was part of her whole face, eyes and all.

As Tia’s bout with cancer progressed, she would post on a Caring Bridges page how the battle was going.  The most remarkable part of that was her good-finding in every post she entered.  Tia didn’t just talk about loving Jesus, she truly DID love Jesus and lived her life as a tribute to Him.  I know I was encouraged by her posts.  I suspect many others were, too.

I like to think there was at least one person reading her journal entries who had not yet come to know their Lord and Savior, but because of Tia, they now have the same promise of an everlasting life with Him.

Tia will be very much missed in her faith community, her work community – she served kids as a teacher – and in the Muskegon community at large.  Jesus won a great one today!


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