Library Quilts

A while back (this summer) I found a great web site with a pattern for a wall hanging of books on a shelf.    I can’t find the site right now, but I’ll try to find it and post it later.  Here is my version:

For my BFF Mel

It was so fun to do!  Mel works at a county library, so of course I thought of her when I saw the pattern.  It was just the thing to do between baby boy quilts, which were getting a bit repetitious.  It went together in a day.  The “titles” are selvage edges.

My son lives in the same town as Mel, so I gave him the quilt to give to her since I just could not figure out how to get it to her myself (that is a huge long story, so be glad this is all I’m telling you).  He finally got it to her after about a month – and she loved it!  I am so glad…the backing is Minky, and I suggested she take it down from the wall when she is stressed and just stroke the back.  It is sure to restore a good mood!

I have pieces to do another one for our church librarian, who is thinking about retiring.  She’s in her 80’s, I think.  But, before that, I have a few more things to do!


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