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Zentangles – Weekly Challenge #97

“I am the Diva” suggested for the weekly challenge to do a tile without a string.  So…here’s mine.



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Update on Baby Gabriel

Gabriel had surgery yesterday to place a temporary shunt in his head.  It is draining well, which is good.  Still don’t know what lies ahead, so prayers are welcome.

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Baby Gabriel

We met baby Gabriel over the Thanksgiving weekend.  He’s one of our new great-grandsons, born August 19 and 6 weeks premature.

Little Gabriel is struggling.  He’s been in the hospital because he may have hydrocephalus.  We’re pretty sure he does.  He may also have some other issues that could be disabling for him.  He could use your prayers.  Here he is with his great-grandpa (my husband).  Such a cute little thing!

Gabriel’s mom and dad are first time parents.  His dad is our grandson.  We live about three hours away from them so it’s not easy to get to see them often.  I hope we can go over more often, especially as they discover his needs and if he has to have surgery.

We appreciate your prayers for him.

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Lexi’s Quilt Fabrics

We had a blessed Thanksgiving.  It was beautiful weather, so no travel problems there, and we spent time with my sisters and their families and then with my son and his girlfriend.  Bonus – meeting baby Gabriel for the first time.  For more on that, check the “Friends” part of the blog.  He could use your prayers.

I had a goal to get the fabrics for Lexi’s quilt this weekend.  Field’s Fabric in Spring Lake, MI is having a big sale and I thought I would go there tomorrow (Monday, the 26th).  BUT.  I was in Port Huron, and there is a great fabric store there called Mary Maxim’s (they also have a catalog business, perhaps you know of them?) and my husband wanted to just chill for a couple of hours, so off I went!

It took me almost the full two hours to pick these out.  Lexi, my only grandDAUGHTER, requested a black and white quilt for her wedding present, with maybe a touch of purple or teal thrown in.  THAT was the sticking point, finding just the right bit of color.  This fabric is so beautiful – the picture doesn’t do it justice, believe me.  I think it is Hoffman, hand painted.  BEAUTIFUL!  I wish I could do a quilt just out of this fabric, but it’s a bit expensive.

These are the other black and white fabrics I found.  I am not crazy about the daisy pattern.  That may get replaced when I visit Field’s tomorrow.  But the rest I really liked.  I didn’t want to go with something vintage, and there was a lot of that available.  Lexi’s only 24, and I don’t think she’s into vintage.  What she IS into is zebra (see my point?).

The colored V patterned fabric is for the binding.  I hope it works out ok.  And it’s just Kona black for the 2″ border, to frame the quilt top.  The lady who helped me, Nan, was a real treat – she had me laughing so hard! – and she approved, but just to check I sent these pictures to my friend Vicki who will do her long-arm magic on it for me.  I’m awaiting her comments…she’s so nice!

The pattern will be Take Five, which Vicki is loaning to me.  She even figured out how to make it queen size from a twin size.  She said it’s easy and quick, since you ‘stack and whack’ the fabrics.  YAY!  I need easy!  It will be after Christmas before I start this quilt, but I wanted to get the pictures posted now.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving also!  Blessings!

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Toggle Off to Fremont!

What a great feeling it is to finish a rather large quilt!

Someday I will figure out how to “figure out” how much fabric I need.  I am either way over, or way under.  I thought I had enough of this pine cone/leaf pattern for the back to be all one fabric.  Oh, of course not!  And when I went to get more…it was all gone.  Thankfully, Field’s Fabrics in Spring Lake, MI, loves Moda as much as I do, and they had several other choices from the same line (Birchbark) to choose from.  I decided on the orange that I am using for the binding.  Wish it would have been a third of the back, but it is 10″ shorter than the focus fabric.

There will be lots of extra fabric – I have a full yard of the  pine cone/leaf and about a third of a yard of the orange (besides what I need for binding).  Maybe I’ll make a pillow or pillowcase?  Ideas, anyone?

I sewed the two fabrics together this afternoon and then snipped all the stray threads on the pieced front.  I love the Quilty show and magazine, which have helped me immensely in learning how to put together quilts.  The first quilt I was sending to be long-armed had threads everywhere and took me two evenings to trim.  This time, with a much bigger quilt, I was done in an hour.  HINT:  it pays to snip those threads close as you add pieces!

My friend, Vicki, who does the quilting for me, is not just a great quilter, she’s also a great friend.  I can’t wait to see her next week when I deliver this quilt!  Here’s the back fabric:


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