Toggle Off to Fremont!

What a great feeling it is to finish a rather large quilt!

Someday I will figure out how to “figure out” how much fabric I need.  I am either way over, or way under.  I thought I had enough of this pine cone/leaf pattern for the back to be all one fabric.  Oh, of course not!  And when I went to get more…it was all gone.  Thankfully, Field’s Fabrics in Spring Lake, MI, loves Moda as much as I do, and they had several other choices from the same line (Birchbark) to choose from.  I decided on the orange that I am using for the binding.  Wish it would have been a third of the back, but it is 10″ shorter than the focus fabric.

There will be lots of extra fabric – I have a full yard of the  pine cone/leaf and about a third of a yard of the orange (besides what I need for binding).  Maybe I’ll make a pillow or pillowcase?  Ideas, anyone?

I sewed the two fabrics together this afternoon and then snipped all the stray threads on the pieced front.  I love the Quilty show and magazine, which have helped me immensely in learning how to put together quilts.  The first quilt I was sending to be long-armed had threads everywhere and took me two evenings to trim.  This time, with a much bigger quilt, I was done in an hour.  HINT:  it pays to snip those threads close as you add pieces!

My friend, Vicki, who does the quilting for me, is not just a great quilter, she’s also a great friend.  I can’t wait to see her next week when I deliver this quilt!  Here’s the back fabric:



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