Mug Rugs 2012

The last project of the year was to get 17 mug rugs made as Christmas presents.  It was ugly.  I had smashed my right hand in November (I think I mentioned that earlier) and could not use it for sewing for, oh, several weeks.  So on Christmas Eve day I madly sewed together all the rugs that were not yet put together, and then did the bindings.  Because of my hand being in a less-than-good state, I machine sewed the back of the bindings as well as the front.  Ugh.  If I ever do that again, I need some really good instructions on how to make it look nice.  Because they didn’t.  But – they are done and distributed, and I have learned a couple of lessons that I am passing on to you:

1)  Don’t text and walk.  Dangerous!  Hand week 1

2)  Don’t wait until December to do Christmas gifts.  I have read this – over and over again – on other blogs, and yet this newby quilter had to learn by experience.  TOO STRESSFUL!!!  If it’s not done by Thanksgiving, give up on the idea and go buy something!Mug Rugs Christmas 2012


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