Winter Projects

I have neglected this blog too long!  Isn’t it interesting how quickly time moves along?  And when I look back, I can’t even say I was doing anything exciting and certainly not earth shattering!

Another month has come and gone for my Bible Block of the Month quilting session in Holland, MI.  I love those ladies!  I get absolutely GIDDY the day of my class (machine applique).  This month I was so blessed to have my long-arm quilter, Vicki Breuker, go with me.  The forecast was a bit on the “danger!” side, but away we went.

Vicki had a great time.  I thought she would get bored but she’s too exciting a person for that!  Turns out she may have relatives in common with the creator of Living Threads Ministry – so they talked about that, and even placed a phone call or two to check on names and so on!  I was very pleased that Vicki agreed to be the back-up quilter for this ministry, and she was also able to leave her cards with the group and with a quilt store we stopped at on the way home.

And that in itself is a story.  We usually quilt til 4 pm, but because there was a winter storm warning (Nemo was passing through), we decided to leave a little early.  Well, Vicki had seen a quilt store – Pressing Matters – on our way in that I had not noticed before, so we talked each other into stopping there for a “few minutes”.  Quilters know that is code for “until I’m done looking and buying”.  I got two beautiful Batik fabrics, one for me, just because, and one for a quilt I plan to make for an almost-step-granddaughter.  Vicki got a layer cake (that’s a package of pre-cut fabric) and we both made friends with Kelly.  I think it was Kelly.  Doesn’t matter – WE WILL BE BACK!  And yes, the weather really WAS that horrible, but other than one moment of shear terror and engaged anti-lock brakes, we made it home ok.

At the class we were given an option for the “filler” blocks for our quilt.  There is an uneven 9-patch block we can make.  My background fabric is a stark white-on-white (small flowers) and my border fabric is very colorful with kind of a yellow color background – like a Batik in that it is a fade-in, fade-out color.  I had been worried about this disparity and how un-unified it was going to look.  Just could not imagine it all going together, and yet I was not willing to part with that border fabric – I love it!

Today I made a trip to Field’s Fabrics in Spring Lake to see if I could figure out what I could use for the new filler blocks.  Barb, one of the seasoned workers there and my go-to person for her design eye, helped me choose the fabrics.  And the best part?  The ones I was thinking would go best from my current fabrics being used in the quilt were still available!  WOW!  I am convinced that God had a hand in that!  Now I need to get those 7 blocks made up, because we will be putting our quilt tops together April 26 and 27.  Two more blocks to go with the machine applique, 7 filler blocks, and then it’s done!  Vicki will be quilting this one for me…double meaning there – I will be having her do it instead of me, but more important THIS quilt is staying in my home!  No one else could appreciate all the Bible study, comradery, and crossed eyes that went into making it!

This is a picture of the quilt that was sewn as an example for us.  Mine is in blues and yellows and I have posted it “in progress” before.BBOM LT


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