Rachel’s Quilt

I’ve started on my Wiggly Whimsey quilt this week.  The pattern was on Moda Bake Shop and is by Rebecca Silbaugh from Ruby Blue Quilting Studio, if you want to do it yourself.

There were two charm packs of Moda’s Quilt Blocks fabric in my stash, just waiting for the right quilt.  I had thought I would be using them as whole charms, but this pattern calls for them to be cut into 4’s.  That was fun!

It also called for a jelly roll of solid (Rebecca used white) fabric.  I thought a really pale pink would be good, so I got some Kona Pale Flesh.  I do like it a lot!  Pink Strips_edited-1But that meant I had to cut all those 2.5″ strips myself!  Plus, I wanted this quilt to be twin size – it is a 56″ x 56″ quilt pattern – so today I had to go back and get more of the pale flesh and I’ll be cutting MORE 2.5″ strips this weekend.  UGH!

Here’s a picture of the “Quilt Blocks” charm pack all cut into 4’s and in a bag:Bag 'o Squares

All the small squares are 2.5 x 2.5 inches.  The pattern calls for random squares either between two (pink) squares, or at either side of one (pink) square.  RANDOM.  This was such a liberating feeling, to just reach down and grab a square and sew it to a pink square!  Then after I had chain pieced them all together,Sewing Chains and cut the chain apart, I sewed the next piece – pink or patterned – to the two-piece.  RANDOM (did I say that already?).  Kind of a “who cares!” attitude.  I did try to do a more solid with a less solid, but truly, who cares?Chained

They are turning out really well!  I have an additional 28 sets to make up of the one-pattern and two-pattern piece blocks, and then I will be sewing those to 6.5″ pink strips to make a bigger block of 4 strips, or 8″ x 6″ blocks.

I am excited to say this quilt is going to my son’s girlfriend’s youngest daughter, Rachel.  I haven’t really named the quilt itself yet, so for now it’s “Rachel’s Quilt”.  I was thinking I would machine quilt this myself, but I can see SO much possibility for Vicki Breuker, my long-arm quilter, to do her magic that I think I will put it in her lineup for fall completion and give it to Rachel for Christmas.  Rachel’s sister, A’Leah, is also getting a quilt but much different from this one.  I am still collecting the SIXTEEN different Batik fabrics for it.  The pattern is in the latest Quilty magazine, done in solids.  I just thought Batik prints might jazz it up a bit!  I will post about that one another time.  Off to sew some squares now!


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