Progress on Rachel’s Quilt

Friday I was able to spend a few hours – not the whole day as I had wanted – sewing strips into blocks.  Seventy-seven blocks later, I have them all done and ready to sew into seven 90″ long strips, then put those together and the border on, and I’m done with the quilt top!  Two quilt blocks  (The picture is of two blocks side-by-side, but actually there will be a pink 2″ strip between them.)

Well, it sounds like it will be easy and go fast, but if you sew, you know that is probably not how it will be.  I do have to do more cutting of 2.5″ strips to go between the block strips (does that even make sense?).  I’ll just focus on getting the blocks together and see what happens with my time.

I have a horrible time getting to sleep so I usually “create” in my mind during that hour or so.  I printed some graph paper out (go to and search for it – very handy!) and planned the back of the quilt yesterday.  Originally I thought it would have five pink strips vertically and two horizontally, but once I plotted it out it will look better with two down and one across.

The back will be Kona Steel (I think it’s Kona) and then the Pale Flesh for the strips.  But, I am putting some of the colorful prints in those strips.   To me, it will be a very modern back and I can’t wait to see what Vicki Breuker, my long-arm wonder, will do with all of this!

The New Ewe in Newaygo, MI is having a machine quilting class this month that I signed up for and I was thinking I would be able to quilt this one on my own.  But, after seeing how much negative space there is, I just know Vicki will be able to make this quilt really special with her incredible talent.

If you want to see another Wiggly Whimsey quilt-in-progress, go to (Attic Window Quilt Shop) and see what Caroll is doing.

This really is the most liberating quilt pattern I have done to date.  I only have about a dozen quilts completed, but still, VERY easy and fun!  It’s a likely bet this pattern will be used again…maybe for that precious baby boy who was just adopted in Georgia!  I can see it with blue instead of pink…mmmmm!


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