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GeoMe Top is Done!

WHEW!  I have had a long dry spell without being about to quilt…and I don’t like that at all!  It also means I have not posted on this blog in a very, very long time.  My apologies, if anyone is following this!

I decided last weekend that the world had to stop for a moment so I could put the last two rows on “GeoMe”, aka Rachel’s quilt, and get that quilt top DONE!  It was remarkable how quickly it went, once I got to it.  Matching the seams on this quilt was NOT easy – even though the pattern was marked as ‘easy’.  Thank goodness my friend Ruth gave me a hint about the third row in to fold it over to the previous row and match from there.  That made all the difference!  I do have a row that is wacky, and unfortunately, the side border seams did not match the row seams.  However, I decided it did not warrant ripping those out and sewing again.  So be it!  Once it is quilted (you know where I would go with that beginning!)…

So here is the finished top.  I have the pattern made up for the back – kind of an ‘H’ shape, with the horizontal line up high.  The ‘H’ will be done in pink and pieced with some of the left-over patterned squares, and the rest of the backing is called Steel.  I hope the contrast will look good.  The binding is a bright pink, taken from some of the patterned squares.  Can’t wait to get it done, too, so I can take it to Vickie for quilting!

Well, sorry – I thought I had the picture saved in the ‘cloud’ but can’t find it now – I will post it this week.




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