Off to the Long Armer!

So, FINALLY, Rachel’s quilt is ready to be quilted!  This picture is the back, which I designed so that a few of the squares from the front would be in it.  I figured if Rachel (age 10) wanted to go girly, she could use the front; if she wanted to go tomboy (her current mode), she could use the back.  Works for me!

It’s extra long, 90 or 92 inches.  Hoping she will use it in a dorm some day.

I go to Fremont on Friday to see Vickie, have lunch and laughs, and leave “Geo-Me” with her for the next couple of months.  She has a tremendous amount of quilts waiting to be done, but she saved me a spot for this one.  I also have a spot for a wedding quilt that was suppose to be done last, um, March/June (the bride changed her date).  Haven’t even cut the fabric yet.  That’s another story.

Here’s to GEO-ME, and the anticipation of what Vickie will do with all that negative space!

Rachels Back


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September 12, 2013 · 1:43 am

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