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A Mission Quilt

A friend of mine is going to Africa in December/January and will honor a new mother with gifts.  I offered to make a baby quilt, and she accepted.

This is a modified version of the pattern “Play a Card” in the May/June issue of Quilty magazine.  I used some of my stash and bought some new fat quarters (along with a ton of white) and made 6×6″ finished blocks, with 2″ strips between.  Simple, quick, and still – I think – attractive.

The back will be all blue, some stash another friend gave me, with a 1930’s repro fabric in blue and white for the binding that just happened to match the blue.  Might post it finished, but for now, here’s the quilt top.

BTW – I prayed when I was sewing the back (it had to be pieced).  Wish I had thought of that while I was doing the front.  I will pray when I quilt it, and when I bind it, so that sweet little boy who I will never meet, will be covered in prayer as well as warmth and love.

Mission Baby Quilt


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Lexi’s Wedding Quilt

Seriously, I have no trouble naming my quilts – until this one.  It started, and remains, “Lexi’s Wedding Quilt”.  Can’t get past it.  Lexi was married this summer, BEFORE I even began sewing the quilt.  I had shopped for the fabric at Mary Maxim’s in Port Huron, spent $150 for all five of the “Take Five” fabrics as well as the borders and binding.  LOVED the border – Lexi wanted a bit of teal or purple, and this had both.  Sounds great, right?

Got them home, and one of the fabrics was more cream than white.  Oops.  Out it goes.  Then another of them was daisies in various sizes – pretty in the store, but not quite the ‘classy’ status I was trying to achieve.  Out it goes.

I took the rest of the fabrics around to my favorite LQS (local quilt stores) and found – nothing.  I continued the quest and landed at a fairly close quilt store that I have not frequented due to lack of friendliness.  But I was desperate for some matching, workable fabric.

All the rows of fabric bolts were combed, and a few were taken out to audition.  I was especially avoiding zebra-striped fabric.  Lexi is ALL into zebra-stripes, and I was adamantly opposed.  I could just see this twenty-something young woman looking at her quilt in 20 years and saying, “What was I THINKING?”.  I don’t want the quilt to end up in a ball in some closet corner, harboring dust bunnies and hate.

The young thing at the shop pulls out – a zebra print.  She insists I need to throw out yet ANOTHER of my original choices, and put this in.  A customer, obviously late 70’s or early 80’s, agrees – it is perfect.  I explain my objection.  They counter with an insistence that this will ‘make’ the quilt, and it just has to be added.  Grrrr.

Ok, running out of time (to do the quilt, not post the post) so I take it, very reluctantly.  I find the pattern, cut the fabric, sew the blocks, put it on the design wall, and…well, I can live with it.  Not thrilled, but passable.  So I put it all together, and invite Lexi over to see the pieced top before it goes to Vicki to be quilted.  I am convinced that the transformation between pieced top and quilted quilt is so magical, that anyone who is at all interested should really see the difference.

She is thrilled.  Seriously.  I am tickled pink that she is thrilled.  And here is the pieced top – see what YOU think of the zebra.Lexis first block

The first block – a sample of the fabrics

Border fabric

Border fabric:  Hand-painted Batik

And the finished pieced top – I can live with it.  Lexi can’t WAIT to live with it!  Hopefully it will be hers in about 3 months.

Lexi's pieced top

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