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BBOM Blocks 2 and 3

Well, I didn’t get block #2 done before class.  Just toooooo busy! But I did get block #3 cut out and ready to sew.  I had to finish them both at home.

Living Threads Ministry is working on writing up the instructions for this beautiful quilt for sale as a fund-raiser for them.  It is an original design of theirs.  I had a few people from the quilting Facebook group ask for the pattern, so I asked if I could share it and found out about the copyright they are working on.  It’s a great project – stay tuned and I will post the information for buying the pattern when it’s ready!

Here is the Bridegroom block.  You can see the “ring” in it I hope!  Sorry it’s a little off-kilter.  I don’t have Photoshop on this computer.BridegroomAnd here is Head of the Church (crowns).  This was really tough getting the points all lined up.  They aren’t perfect, again, but good enough for me!!!  Come back to see next month’s block finished!Head of the Church



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Happy 2014!

It’s New Year’s Eve so I am wishing everyone a great 2014!  I have a mission today, to finish Lexi’s quilt back.  I’ve been stymied on how to piece it.  When I ordered the white floral extra wide backing, only sent a partial amount.  They said it was out (but the website didn’t).  So when it came, I went back in to the site and ordered the same fabric, but in black.  And the website said they had white, so I also ordered enough of that to be able to do the entire back (90×102 finished, 98×110 with the extra needed for Vicki to long-arm quilt it).  They did send both fabrics, so then I had to decide if I just piece the two white florals together, or make a piece of black in the middle, or black border all around, or…

This morning it came to me – I have three extra blocks from the quilt, so I am going to piece a middle strip with those, and put the floral on each side of the block.  I don’t know yet if it will be sandwiched between the white floral, or the black floral.  The black floral print is in the blocks, which might be nice.  But the white floral might be a good continuation of the top and bottom pieces.  I will try them both – I have enough fabric now!

I am insecure enough that I did email Vicki and asked her if the side extra fabric could be 3″ instead of 4.  I would have to sew on some extra fabric to make it 4″ extra on the sides.  Hope 3″ will be ok.

Here’s the backing fabric.Lexis Quilt back fabric

I would love to get some other projects started, but if I can at least get this done, I will have completed that quilt in 2013 as the tag says!  Hope you are finishing well this year!

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BBOM (Bible Block of the Month) 2013-14 (Block 1)

We started another class at Living Threads Ministry in Zeeland, MI this fall.  We are making a quilt called “The Seven Names of Jesus” (did I already post about this???  Hmmmm.)  The first class was just cutting, cutting, cutting all the fabric.  We are learning how to use Thangles.  Here is the finished quilt – made as a sample for us.  Mine won’t be done until April, and then it has to be quilted by Vicki Breuker.  (Scroll down, there’s more info.)


The second class in October was the block called “Light of the World”.  Along with the blocks we have a short Bible study, which I thoroughly enjoy!  I think that’s as important to me as the quilting class!  Well, I fell in LOVE with Thangles – what an easy way to make triangles!  Here is my “Light” block:  (keep scrolling!)

BBOM 2013 1st block

The dark ‘branch’ like fabric is really green – it just doesn’t show up in the picture.  I was pretty pleased with my points.  Not perfect, but hey, it’s a class, I’m learning!  So the next block I haven’t finished yet (sigh) and it’s called “Bridegroom”  It’s the one on the horizontal part of the cross, on the left.  I’ll post it when I’m done.  Which better be soon, since our next class is next week already!  YIKES!!!

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Mission Quilt for Lutheran World Relief

I read an article by LWR that suggested people (women, probably) set aside “Black Friday” to make mission quilts for them.  So, I asked my quilting friends at church, and one of them was willing to do that with me.

We spent about 4 hours on Friday, and another 3 hours on Monday, putting this quilt together.  Another church member had donated two quilt tops to me, so I thought we would use those.  We did use the one; Lois and I decided to wait until spring or next fall to make the other quilt top into a quilt for LWR.

Lois does a lot of hand stitching and tying of her quilts, so we used her supplies and tied the quilt.  THAT took a lot of time – and boy, were my fingers sore!  Now it’s home with me, and I have to trim the batting and then roll the back fabric over to make a border and sew that down, and it will be done.

What an amazing process, and I can’t imagine how grateful the person or persons who receive this quilt will be!


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Mission Quilt Done!

Such a great feeling to get that baby mission quilt done!  I used some left-over fabric for the back but still had to piece it because I didn’t have a single piece big enough.  I found the binding fabric in Richmond, MI – a 1930’s reproduction fabric.  I didn’t have the quilt with me, just guessed it would work – and it is stunning!

I did just straight lines, 2″ apart, for the quilting.  It looks fine, except on the back there are a half dozen spots where the top thread is showing in a small loop…wonder what happened?  I am going to take a picture and go to the shop where I bought my machine and ask.

This one goes with Stephanie Lankhorst to Africa at the end of December.  It’s probably summer there – maybe they can lay it on the floor or grass (if there is any) for the baby to be on?

I didn’t put a label on it – couldn’t see any reason to.  But I am very glad I was able to help with her mission trip in this way.  Blessings, Stephanie, and to the baby boy!

IMG_20131205_144139_386-1 IMG_20131204_211731_541

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