BBOM (Bible Block of the Month) 2013-14 (Block 1)

We started another class at Living Threads Ministry in Zeeland, MI this fall.  We are making a quilt called “The Seven Names of Jesus” (did I already post about this???  Hmmmm.)  The first class was just cutting, cutting, cutting all the fabric.  We are learning how to use Thangles.  Here is the finished quilt – made as a sample for us.  Mine won’t be done until April, and then it has to be quilted by Vicki Breuker.  (Scroll down, there’s more info.)


The second class in October was the block called “Light of the World”.  Along with the blocks we have a short Bible study, which I thoroughly enjoy!  I think that’s as important to me as the quilting class!  Well, I fell in LOVE with Thangles – what an easy way to make triangles!  Here is my “Light” block:  (keep scrolling!)

BBOM 2013 1st block

The dark ‘branch’ like fabric is really green – it just doesn’t show up in the picture.  I was pretty pleased with my points.  Not perfect, but hey, it’s a class, I’m learning!  So the next block I haven’t finished yet (sigh) and it’s called “Bridegroom”  It’s the one on the horizontal part of the cross, on the left.  I’ll post it when I’m done.  Which better be soon, since our next class is next week already!  YIKES!!!


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  1. Lenisa

    I would love to have this pattern…is it available anywhere for purchase…???

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