Mission Quilt Done!

Such a great feeling to get that baby mission quilt done!  I used some left-over fabric for the back but still had to piece it because I didn’t have a single piece big enough.  I found the binding fabric in Richmond, MI – a 1930’s reproduction fabric.  I didn’t have the quilt with me, just guessed it would work – and it is stunning!

I did just straight lines, 2″ apart, for the quilting.  It looks fine, except on the back there are a half dozen spots where the top thread is showing in a small loop…wonder what happened?  I am going to take a picture and go to the shop where I bought my machine and ask.

This one goes with Stephanie Lankhorst to Africa at the end of December.  It’s probably summer there – maybe they can lay it on the floor or grass (if there is any) for the baby to be on?

I didn’t put a label on it – couldn’t see any reason to.  But I am very glad I was able to help with her mission trip in this way.  Blessings, Stephanie, and to the baby boy!

IMG_20131205_144139_386-1 IMG_20131204_211731_541


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