Mission Quilt for Lutheran World Relief

I read an article by LWR that suggested people (women, probably) set aside “Black Friday” to make mission quilts for them.  So, I asked my quilting friends at church, and one of them was willing to do that with me.

We spent about 4 hours on Friday, and another 3 hours on Monday, putting this quilt together.  Another church member had donated two quilt tops to me, so I thought we would use those.  We did use the one; Lois and I decided to wait until spring or next fall to make the other quilt top into a quilt for LWR.

Lois does a lot of hand stitching and tying of her quilts, so we used her supplies and tied the quilt.  THAT took a lot of time – and boy, were my fingers sore!  Now it’s home with me, and I have to trim the batting and then roll the back fabric over to make a border and sew that down, and it will be done.

What an amazing process, and I can’t imagine how grateful the person or persons who receive this quilt will be!



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