Happy 2014!

It’s New Year’s Eve so I am wishing everyone a great 2014!  I have a mission today, to finish Lexi’s quilt back.  I’ve been stymied on how to piece it.  When I ordered the white floral extra wide backing, Fabric.com only sent a partial amount.  They said it was out (but the website didn’t).  So when it came, I went back in to the site and ordered the same fabric, but in black.  And the website said they had white, so I also ordered enough of that to be able to do the entire back (90×102 finished, 98×110 with the extra needed for Vicki to long-arm quilt it).  They did send both fabrics, so then I had to decide if I just piece the two white florals together, or make a piece of black in the middle, or black border all around, or…

This morning it came to me – I have three extra blocks from the quilt, so I am going to piece a middle strip with those, and put the floral on each side of the block.  I don’t know yet if it will be sandwiched between the white floral, or the black floral.  The black floral print is in the blocks, which might be nice.  But the white floral might be a good continuation of the top and bottom pieces.  I will try them both – I have enough fabric now!

I am insecure enough that I did email Vicki and asked her if the side extra fabric could be 3″ instead of 4.  I would have to sew on some extra fabric to make it 4″ extra on the sides.  Hope 3″ will be ok.

Here’s the backing fabric.Lexis Quilt back fabric

I would love to get some other projects started, but if I can at least get this done, I will have completed that quilt in 2013 as the tag says!  Hope you are finishing well this year!


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