Newest Barch Design

I had less than a month’s notice of a baby shower for my niece, Karen.  Of course I wanted to make a quilt, so I grabbed my stack of Quilty magazines and found an easy pattern, then dug out my horde of 1930’s reproduction fabrics I have been collecting this past year, and put the two together.  That sounds easy, huh?

Not so much.  This has been the most challenging quilt ever!  And not just the piecing of it, although that managed to give me fits, too.

I have not worked with triangles much, but I did know enough to starch them to help keep their shape, and not to pull on them or they go wonky.  These are BIG triangles – the blocks finish 13.5″ and there are 4 triangles to a block.

The intersection of all those triangles made for a BIG lump when trying to stitch in the ditch.  I won’t go into all the crazy things I had to deal with, except one.  I could not believe I actually broke a needle HAND sewing the binding on!  What’s with THAT?

I decided tonight as I put the label on (3 tries to get the label printed – but I wasn’t going to bore you with all the issues, was I?) that I needed to pray, and pray hard, for this baby!  I truly do pray he or she will not have a difficult life, or be a challenging child, but will be loved abundantly (I know he/she will!) and be a joy for the parents and all the extended family.

And the title of this post, “Newest Barch Design”?  That was the baby’s grandmother’s idea – dad’s last name is Barch, and they have a business called Barch Design.  Very logical choice for the label!  Thanks, Ginny!

Top all pieced, on design wall

Top all pieced, on design wall

All done!

All done!

Echo quilting (machine) on white squares only

Echo quilting (machine) on white squares only

Karens Label


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