A’Leah’s Quilt

I’m thinking of naming it “Cheer” because those bright colors certainly do cheer me up!

I had the pleasure of showing this quilt top to it’s recipient, without her knowing it will be hers!  Her mom knew, and we exchanged some meaningful glances.  I asked A’Leah if she thought the colors were ok – “Oh, they’re beautiful!” I think was her response.  So I know she is going to like (love?) it when it is given to her at Christmas.  Her sister, Rachel, is getting Geo-Me, which I posted about earlier.

It took me about 6 months to gather all the different fabrics.  I carried a picture of the fabrics I had already purchased, so I could try and balance choices and brightness.  I tend to go blue (HA!  ‘Go Blue’ is the chant of University of Michigan fans, of whom I am one!) so I had to be sure I was getting other colors in there.  Yellow was the hardest one to find, and I am so grateful for orange, although I wasn’t sure it was going to go with the purples.  Since I had not made this pattern before, I wasn’t sure how it would all play out color-wise.  It got a bit difficult, actually, but I think it ended up well.  (For my son Kip – well, not good!)

The pattern is from the January-February 2013 issue of Quilty magazine, called Grape Crush.  They did it in solids.  You really need to subscribe if you are newer quilter.  Excellent help and ideas in that magazine!  The quilt finishes at 54″x92″.  I wanted it extra long in case she wants to take it off to college with her in two years.

I purchased an all-purple Batik for the back fabric today.  It will be ready for Vicki to long-arm quilt next week, after I rinse the purple fabric and clip all the annoying stray threads on the top.  YAY!


Done(PS – thanks to my husband and son for holding this up for me!)


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