Ethan, Sweet Ethan

Long, LONG story here that I won’t go into.  But, I have another sweet great-nephew named Ethan who came into the world abruptly and prematurely and three months later, is thriving.  It was quite the journey for him to get this far and we have hope through prayer and belief in God that he will have a very blessed life ahead.

I had planned to do an “I Spy” quilt for him, but he got here earlier than my quilt did, so I hurriedly made him this quilt as a substitute.

I hand quilted around the circles – my first hand quilting.  And I got off on my lines in the solid panels which really bothered me but I didn’t have time to fix that.  So an imperfect quilt, but hopefully one that is well loved in the future.

Ethan's quilt 2Ethan's quilt 3

Ethan's quilt 4

When Ethan’s baby shower came, I didn’t have a quilt to give his mama.  So I – again, hastily – made a quillo for him.  I hope he will be able to use it on his overnight visits to my sister, his grandmother.

Someday, I will get that “I Spy” quilt done!

Ethan's Sleep Sack





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