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Another Wedding Quilt

My son, Adam, is engaged!  The wedding is in May of 2015, and I offered to make a quilt for the newlyweds.  I am allowing Adam to pick out the pattern only, not the fabrics (wisdom I received from a great quilter friend).  “Twists and Turns” is the pattern he chose from Quilty’s January/February 2014 magazine.

It’s a Beginner Level 3 rating, so I made a practice block from left over fabrics.  I consider myself a Beginner Level 2 quilter.  It turned out pretty cool.  I learned a LOT – like, no directions on which way to press, and doing my first partial seam square.  I also learned that it pretty much “matched points” without my help, which is a huge blessing.  Wonder if that will continue to be true?

So – off to find enough fabric to do a King size quilt in purples and teal with – maybe – a light grey background.  Kinda tricky since I have to up-size the quilt, but I love buying too much fabric!

Sample Block 2


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