Who AM I? Wife, mother, grandmother, GREAT-grandmother. Retired but not out to pasture – yet.

I was the first to have a computer in my school district WAY back when, and pushed to get all the offices using them. Who knew then where the computer world was going to go?

My work life was mostly in education as a support person – clerk, secretary, registrar, technology help desk (see how that computer thing followed me?) and surprisingly, a three-year stint as AA to a children’s minister.

Retirement life is FULL to the brim – a lot of my time is focused on God and how I can serve others. I’m a Stephen Ministry leader (11 years now?), and love how that and my church life has grown me as a child of God.

Friends are so important to me. I have lived in Michigan most of my life, first on the east side, now on the west side, and briefly in Washington and California. Not a week goes by without connecting with friends, far and near.

I sing – background noise only – in my church choir, the community college choir, and the West Michigan Lutheran Chorale. The Chorale is available and FREE for church and public events, so let me know if you’d like us to sing for your special event!


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