My latest obsession – Zentangles!  Have you seen it, done it, been taught by a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher)?  If not, I suggest – HIGHLY suggest – checking out zentangle.com and then tanglepatterns.com for more information.

Rick and Maria’s blog has a list of the CZT’s who live all over the world!  Wow!  That’s some feat, to get a “movement” world-wide!

I was privileged to take a class from a CZT after being introduced to Zentangles at the AQS Quilt Show in Grand Rapids, MI by Bonnie Browning of AQS, this past August.  Maybe I was a little excited about it, because I was able to convince 10 of my best friends come to the class with me – and the teacher gave me a 2013 Zentangle calendar for FREE!!!  I am SOOOO ready for 2013 so I can start doing a tangle a day!

I’ll be posting pictures here of what I accomplish, but in the meantime, here is a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) I found at the hospital where Gabriel is a patient!


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